In person classes: gymnastics for adults

My in person classes are the highlight of my day. I provide a safe, effective and FUN environment for anyone to learn gymnastics based movements

The main principles of my classes are:

  1. Everyone is welcome
  2. It is fun to move
  3. The way we train will make you better at everything

Regular gymnastics classes in Toronto

My regular classes take place in the bootcamp room at East York Gymnastics club in Toronto. We have soft, bouncy flooring and a variety of mats and soft blocks to make learning new movements as safe and fun as possible.

Be prepared to learn skills, get bendy and have a blast!

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One-off workshops nationally, and internationally

I teach various workshops and one-off events both in Canada and internationally. I am a presenter for the Women’s Movement Collaborative and for Motion Impulse.

If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact me and I will send you all the details and options.

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Everyone is welcome

There are no prerequisites to learning how to move better. You don’t need to be a certain age, size or level of fitness before you start. Everyone who walks into the gym for the first time is on their own movement journey. You all have your own super powers and your own limitations.

We will start where you are and move forward.

We will explore your own capabilities and take small steps to get better.

Be better at everything

A big part of what I teach is how to move with more awareness. The key to learning skills is not how many reps you do, but learning how to control your own body. Can you reduce the gap between what it feels like you are doing and what you are actually doing? Training handstands and bodyweight movements are a great way to understand where your body is in space.

Bringing more awareness to your movement will make you better both in and outside of the gym.

Moving is fun

Fitness is often designed around things that you “should” do. My philosophy is do things that you enjoy. In class we focus on movements that feel good for you. We play games, we explore what we are capable of and we get better.

You don’t have to be a badass to sign up for my classes but my hope is that you feel like a badass when you leave.

Read more about my ethos and approach to bodyweight coaching.

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