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I Want to Learn a Handstand - Which Program is Right for Me?

Feb 01, 2020

The BIG Question?

So you want to learn a handstand? Then you are certainly in the right place. I have multiple handstand programs and coaching groups for different levels and different goals. The most frequent question that I get is which program is right for me?

In this post I want to go into more detail about the difference between my 3 handstand programs: Master the Handstand, Handstand Building Blocks and Press to Handstand.

So here you go...

Master the Handstand

Master the Handstand is really about the skill of doing a handstand. All the steps to get a freestanding handstand; from alignment, pushing, getting upside down, balancing, using your hands, etc. Yes there is work in the program for mobility, strength etc. BUT the main focus is on the progressions to get you the handstand.

This program also includes coaching from me is what I think makes it different from other handstand programs out there.

If this sounds like what you need sign up here.

Handstand Building Blocks

Handstand Building Blocks is about the things that you need in order to do the skill of a handstand. All the attributes that you need. For example in Master the Handstand we talk about using your fingers and hands to balance. In Handstand Building Blocks we develop the ability to do that. And if you can already do it we make it better. Same for all the other components of your handstand. If you can make your hands work 50% better and your forearms 10% stronger and improve your scap control by 20% and your core stability by 30% then these all compound and your handstand becomes 257.4% better #maths.

Put another way Handstand Building Blocks is the material that you build your house with. The bricks, the drywall, the wood parts, the glass for the windows (I don't know what else a house is made of). If your glass is broken and the bricks are uneven and the wood parts are rotten then even if you follow the steps to build your house perfectly it will still not be a very strong house.

If this sounds like what you need sign up here.

Press to Handstand

This course is everything that you need for a press to handstand. Mobility, strength and the technique of that particular skill. It is for more advanced hand-balancers.

If this sounds like what you need sign up here.


For all my programs you will have lifetime access to the online course, you can track your progress and can redo the program at any time.

If you still have any questions please send me an email (

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