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Travelling Workouts

Nov 20, 2013

I was reading some terrible magazine at the dentist recently which had a lovely article about Jillian Michaels and her horses, something about how to match the shape of your ass to the shape of your jeans and some advice on working out while travelling. It listed some workouts to do in a hotel gym, some elastic band and skipping rope exercises you could do in your room and some pictures of skinny chicks in hotel rooms.

Nowmy vacations are always active; climbing volcanos, kayaking and hiking so I don't really worry about training. But when I travel for work I need to train. I am usually staying in a standard hotel with a standard hotel gym. They have treadmills, ellipticals, machines, a few free weights and very little space for mobility or bodyweight training. The pull-up bars are always these odd contraptions that I can never figure out. I just want to do regular pull ups, why is that so much to ask?

The funny thing is that, until recently, my travelling workouts were much like those in the crappy magazine - I'd do some treadmill sprints and some dumbbell exercises in the hotel gym. I even tried to do a hotel room workout with a TRX but after 5 minutes I ended up in bed playing Yahtzee on my Ipad. Recently, however, I have discovered the secret to working out while travelling. Finding a cool gym or activity and trying it out. My Facebook family is now full of so many Fitness gurus across the world that I just need to ask for ideas and I have endless possibilities. On a recent trip to San Diego I took a course in Dance Trapeze one day and the next I was trying out Fit Wall, an awesome gym where you workout by climbing, pulling and pushing on a wall. In Indianapolis I attended a Mental Meat Heads Symposium, had the best time and made some great friends. In Edmonton I worked out in kids' playgrounds. By doing this I not only get a fun and interesting workout but I also get to meet some amazing people.I am now trying to plan work trips based on places with gyms I want to visit. I am definitely going to Crossfit Winnipeg some time soon, I am looking at work trips near Sacramento next summer so I can go play at Bodytribe and I am trying to crash one of Babycat's conferences next year so I can check out the Agatsu Academy in Montreal.

My next trip is to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton and Cornwall this Christmas so if anyone has any fun ideas please let me know. I can't slack off while I'm in the UK because I just spent $100 on a pair of jeans that flatter my ass so I need to keep it nice and perky.

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