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Things I've Learnt From Russians

Nov 01, 2013

The greatest gymnastics coach I ever had once told me not to wait until it feels perfect, just fix what needs to be fixed and keep going. Eventually the fixes will get smaller and smaller until they are pretty much invisible. He said it in a heavy Russian accent and was talking about linking two skills on the bars but if I wanted to be deep and poignant I'd suggest that it really applies to life. We need to stop waiting for things to be perfect and just do whatever it is we want to do. I have been waiting for the perfect story or idea to post on my blog for the last month. Something smart and funny and original that will make all 20 people who read it see how awesome I am. So I have decided to take the FiBloWriMo Challenge (Fitness Bloggers Writing Month) and am attempting to write a blog post every day in November.
Vladimir also taught me how to not constantly fall off the beam in competition. Most of my gymnastics life I spent half my routine on the floor (usually in tears). In training I would stay on but in front of an audience and a judge I was a mess. Then at one competition Vladimir just said to me "Don't try be better than in training" (in a heavy Russian accent). It didn't seem right, I wanted to do it the best I had ever done it and that as it turns out was the problem. I went on the beam and tried to do it no better than I did in training and it was amazing. I stuck everything. So there is my second life lesson. Some people always do better under pressure, and go above and beyond when it counts, but for me I have to make competition another training session and stick to the basics.
To continue the theme of today's post I should mention that Russians have also taught me some crazy hard mathematics (thanks Andrey), some weird but cool Systema moves and some tips on how not to cut my hair.
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