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The Best of 2018 Instagram: Handstands and Cats

Jan 03, 2019

I love Instagram but it is not always easy to find the content that you want. How often do you search back through someone's feed further than a few weeks? There is so much great information, tips and tutorials that is rarely seen.

One of my 2019 goals is to make it easier to find all my best posts. Today I am starting with the best posts of 2018. There's lots of handstand tips, press to handstand drills, flexibility drills, skill tutorials and most importantly cats and unitards.

Press to handstand tips

A big hit this year were posts related to the press to handstand. In fact 5 of my top nine were press to handstand tips or tutorials.

Other press to handstand tips: click to see Instagram

Press with limited flexibility

Negative press at the wall

Compression strength

Press to handstand sequence

If you want to learn more about the press to handstand I have an online program with coaching available for purchase here.

Handstand tips

There were also many handstand posts that made my top posts. The top 3 were on hands, butts and tucks.

Other handstand tips

Pike handstand

Hands for handstands

If you want to work with me on your handstand I have an online handstand coaching program. Check here for details and to see when the next course is starting.

Skill tutorials

My most popular posts included the Valdez and the pistol squat tutorials.


Pistol squat

Cats & unitards

It's no surprise that this post (a personal favourite) made the top posts for the year. It might also have resulted in the most unfollows but I'm still proud of Chester and Poppy's performances regardless.

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