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Stress & Balance: A New Comic Strip

Mar 16, 2021

As a teenager I found gymnastics to be the ultimate form of meditation. The level of focus required to perform complex movements eliminated the possibility that I could worry about anything else. I would leave the stress of exams & being a gay teenager behind as I performed flips and somersaults on a 4 inch beam.

During the pandemic I have found that I have an increased level of clumsiness, tripping over things or dropping things. Stress seems to have negatively impacted my general day-to-day balance and coordination. However, when I do my one arm handstand training, my balance is fine. It's almost as if the higher the difficultly, the better the balance. I can have the best handstand practice, walk confidently back to the house, trip over a cat and fall flat on my face.

This comic shows a typical day in the life for me right now! Hope everyone else is having more successes than falls!

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