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Spine Workout For Strength & Mobility

Sep 11, 2020

Spine mobility is something that I have to work really hard on. Yes, I have a decent bridge through years of gymnastics training but good spine articulation and spine flexion is daily work for me.

This week's workout will help strengthen your spine, improve your control and give you better spine mobility.


2 rounds

  • Happy cat/angry cat: 10 reps
  • Bird dogs: 6 reps with a 5s hold
  • Dead bugs: 6 reps
  • Side plank: 6 reps with a 5s hold

Circuit #1

3-5 rounds

  • Glute bridge spine rolls: 3 reps
  • Feet elevated bridge: 10-30s
  • Forward fold: 10-30s

Circuit #2

3-5 rounds

  • Butt shuffle: 1 minute
  • Jefferson curl: 3 reps
  • Couch stretch: 30s

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