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Spicy But Not So Green Fingers

Nov 15, 2013

If there were a prize for the worst gardener ever I would have won it. I have killed every house plant ever given to me and a few that weren't even mine. When my Mum gave me my own garden patch as a kid, all I remember putting in it were stones. And it's not even that I dislike doing it, I just really have no interest in doing it. I have an amazing ability to essentially black out anything that is not of interest to me. I have been accused of living in a bubble of self-obsession and consequently I don't notice weeds, I don't notice when the grass gets long and I certainly I don't notice if the squirrels or raccoons eat our tulips. Babycat has to blackmail me into helping out in the garden or convince me that it is a good workout. Last year I dug a lot of holes and moved a lot of dirt, to help build my muscles, but I planted nothing. Well nothing except my vegetables. The funny thing is, if I see a purpose in gardening then I love it. We have grown tomatoes, chili peppers, herbs and lots of kale. I even built a raised garden on wheels using thisawesome tutorial.

IMG_1517 (2)

IMG_1525 (2)

And all summer we had fresh organic kale, fresh herbs and lots of crazy hot chilies. We had kale in smoothies and kale salads every single day often with a bonus side of kale spider. I made chili sauce, dehydrated chilies and chili powder. I even burnt my hands so bad making hot sauce that I washed them with dish soap, soaked them in vinegar, rubbed them with oil, soaked them in vodka, and then drank some vodka before finally curing them by rubbing them with salt. So now I am obsessed with growing veggies and next year I am building multiple planters at the back of our 5 car drive. It's funny how something I had no interest in becomes something so enjoyable when there is a purpose to it. I wonder if the same thing can somehow be applied to vacuuming!

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