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Setting Goals

Nov 15, 2013

I woke up this morning with no idea of what my day would be. I knew I would workout, have breakfast, work, coach gymnastics and then finally come home and sleep but I had no idea what any of these would entail. I didn't know what my workout would be, I didn't know what work I would be doing and I had no plan yet for my gymnastics class. And guess what, I didn't really accomplish very much at all. This is what happens when I don't have a goal for the day.

And I feel the same way on a bigger timeline. I need a three month goal and a six month goal for my training, my work and my life. Athletically I had many goals in gymnastics and more recently I learned diving for the Copenhagen games. The Agatsu level 2 was an awesome goal as it required so many diverse physical strengths. Right now I'm in this slightly in-between state with the work part because I don't know exactly what I want. And so it is important that I have very well-defined training goals.

For the last month it has been the flag and I am getting closer to that so am feeling ready to take on something new. These are my current thoughts:

1. Try and finally get 10 muscle ups.

2. Try and finally master the one-handed handstand.

3. Re-learn standing back tuck.

4. Train for a Highland games.

Number 4 is a bit off the wall, but it has been on my brain since Babycat suggested it a while ago. It would be a major challenge for me because I have absolutely no idea how to throw anything (except a tantrum). Also challenging will be fitting into the pink kilt shown in the photo. The other goals on my list are in my comfort zone but a Highland games is a whole other story. Where will I learn that? How will I train for it? Will I be a true Scotsman in my kilt? So many uncertainties.

So now I need to make a choice. I want to do them all but I know I have to take them on one or maybe two at a time in order to make the best progress. It is decision making time!


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