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Pole Dancing For Ultimate Strength

Nov 13, 2013

Pole dancing conjures up images of seedy strip clubs, half naked women and a lot of sexy dancing. There's a lap dance scene in From Dusk Till Dawn which pretty much sums up my initial thoughts of what we would be doing when someone suggested taking a class. I was a bad-ass Scottish Country dancer at age 8 (I have trophies to prove it) and I can still Strip the Willow like a pro but actual stripper dancing is a whole other story. I get self-conscious dancing on my own in the garage, so the thought of pole dancing in a group terrified me. Nonetheless I am a highly suggestible individual and so of course agreed to go. Immediately I realized the potential. Yes, part of the class involved gyrating my hips but a lot of it was bodyweight training on a pole. Holding yourself in a flexed arm hang while spinning round the bar, lifting your legs up over your head, gripping the bar with just your legs and extending your body, all these tricks required a lot of strength. And all these tricks could help develop incredible strength. In particular you could increase grip strength, core strength and upper body strength. Grip strength is so important to Olympic lifting, kettlebell sport and gymnastics. Spinning round a pole without letting go is a great and fun way to develop that. The human flag is quickly becoming one of the coolest skills to be able to do everywhere I look online I see guys holding their bodies out horizontally off various objects. It has been described as the ultimate bodyweight exercise. However, I have watched pole videos where girls are holding their bodies in a flag and then doing a full body wave, or lifting themselves from a vertical position into a flag, these are the ultimate bodyweight exercises.

Here's an advanced pole and bodyweight workout that will help develop ultimate body strength.

Begin with 5 attempts at a full flag.

Then complete 3 rounds of the following with 30 seconds rest between exercises and 90 seconds rest between rounds.

1. Pole sit-ups x 5
2. Clutch flag x 10 seconds each side
3. Push-up variations e.g. regular, clapping, Aztec x 10
4. Pole pull-ups x 5
5. Pole spin of choice for grip strength x 5

The main challenge when performing this workout is to avoid kicking your workout partner as she wolf whistles and stuffs dollar bills into your workout g-string.

I will post more detailed instructions when I am not under pressure to write a new blog post every day.

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