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New Website!

Aug 23, 2018

I created a website back in 2012 because I wanted to show people how I converted my garage into a bodyweight gym. As my business grew I re-purposed the site. I advertised my local classes, I wrote blog articles and eventually I built my own online handstand course.

Why create a new site?

As I thought about the future of my business and all the ways that I wanted to teach my students, I realised that my website was holding me back. I needed the course to be more interactive. And I wanted the main site to better represent what bodyweight training and movement means to me. Read more about my ethos and approach to coaching and what is bodyweight training.

The site design

I believe that Astrid and Jai have done an amazing job of capturing my vision in their aesthetically beautiful style!

Gail Turpin also did a cool job on the logo- it looks like a K if you hadn’t noticed and it will spin on a PC!

The photography by Laura Meeks taken at the Women’s Movement Collaborative event are invaluable to the site and I am so grateful to both her and Dani Almeyda.

The online academy

One of my favourite things about the site is the online academy. When I first presented my ideas to Astrid and Jai I was fully expecting them to say that it was not possible. They rose to the challenge and created something that is far better than I ever imagined. The course not only looks amazing but also has some fairly cool dynamic functionality.

The course content will change based on your own individual assessments and progress which means no guesswork for you.

You can also track your workouts and review your progress. You can check out the handstand course here.

This new site has opened up so many possibilities for the future of Garage Gym Girl. I am beyond excited for what is to come. Keep your eyes open for new courses and content coming soon.

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