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Model Behaviour

Jan 16, 2014

PollockHeather_Kirsty_2061 (72ppi)

I am not a natural model. I have never in my entire life had a good passport photo taken and the only pose I can do is upside down. But I love looking at photographs. My Dad is currently digitalising all the photos from our family collection and I love to see the looks on our faces and the ridiculous clothes we wore. The best shots capture exactly who we were at different stages in our lives. As a baby I was always grabbing things and pulling myself up (hence the reason my Mum had short hair in those photos), when I was 11 I thought both luminous colours and sun glasses were totally cool and as a teenager I was not amused by my Dad trying to take my picture. These family shots are not trying to sell anything or create any particular image they are simply capturing moments in our lives.

PollockHeather_Kirsty_6263 (72ppi)

Having a professional photo shoot is an entirely different thing and absolutely terrifying.My friend Heather Pollock is an amazing photographer and as a Christmas gift for Babycat I asked her to take some shots of me doing handstands and kettlebells. I wanted shots that made me look strong, confident and sexy. I rarely feel any of these things in real life so even though these shots were not for commercial use it was all about creating an image. InJay McInerney's book Model Behaviour,''Modelsare the apex of consumer society. Pure image. Actors have to speak. They have to simulate personality. They have to actually do something.... Modelling is the purest kind of performance, uncomplicated by content.'' And fitness modelling is really no different from fashion modelling. I felt this need to prepare for it by attempting a strict diet, trying to make myself look better for the pictures. And by better I mean leaner. For three weeks I obsessed about food resulting in me eating way worse than I do on a regular basis. Three days before the shoot I cut out salt and the night before I had some gin because I read in a post by Jen Sinkler (that I can't find right now) that she was told to have a drink the night before a photo shoot. I have no recollection as to what this was meant to achieve but it seemed like a good idea.It was ridiculous and shallow and I hated the way I was obsessing more about looking thin than being able to do cool tricks.

PollockHeather_Kirsty_6393 (72ppi)

The shoot itself was fun because there is no way to be around Heather without having a great time. She made me feel relaxed, strong and not at all awkward about being the only one in the room who was half naked for 2 hours. It was a great workout, holding handstands for all the shots and angles. And despite my less than perfect diet the pictures came out great. Heather is amazing. However, I am not quitting my job any time soon to become a fitness model because I'm not prepared to do that amount of body waxing.

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