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Masters Of Movement Training Week

Sep 12, 2013

On August 13th to the 17th I attended the AgatsuMasters of Movement Training Week.So many amazing things have been said already about this week. The coaches were all fantastic. The organisation was seamless - everything from the sponsor packages to the locations to the training schedule was perfect. The participants were supportive and generous and I hope to stay in touch with each and every one of them. We learnt so much that week that it was really hard going back to normal life. So hard in fact that I basically decided not to go back. Well not entirely. I haven't quit my office job but I am coaching gymnastics, going to more workshops and learning as much as I can from all the amazing trainers I know. I have plans in the works and we'll see exactly where it all goes but I am so much happier and seriously looking forward to whatever happens down the road. Thank you so much Shawn, Sara, Paluna, Andralyn, Tania and all the other coaches and participants who have inspired me to focus on doing what I love. Oh and I passed my level 2. Level2

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