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Kirsty's Open Box

Mar 23, 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend a seminar held by Dan John, a true strength training legend, at CrossFit Guelph. Dan is a bit of a stand up fitness comedian, cracking non-stop jokes and making the day fly by. One thing he talked about which really resonated with me is his workout intentional community, a group of people with a passion for performance and health. In Dan's words, "Each of us brings something different to the table, whether it be knowledge, motivation, experience, or personality. We learn from each other and grow together, sharing fitness blogs, articles, and videos around the squat rack each morning. We have fun together". The first one he started was called MILF (an acronym for Milton something or other I forget) and we weren't even allowed to hear what he called his current group.

Babycat and I have been saying for a while that we wanted to open the garage to our friends and this inspired me to finally take action. Starting next Sunday at 11am, March 30th, we will be hosting "Kirsty's Open Box". For now we will focus on Kettlebells, Mobility, basic gymnastics and post workout refreshments but over time we can build our expertise and knowledge and incorporate anything and everything to these sessions.

The only rule is You Must Show Up!

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