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Journey of Movement

Nov 21, 2013

It's hard to believe that it was only last October that I attended my first Agatsu joint mobility workshop and it was in January of this year that I took my first Agatsu certification. That was the start of this amazing journey of movement and exercise that I have been on ever since. This yearI have participated in so many amazing workshops, certifications and events and I honestly never want to stop. Here is my list:

January: Agatsu level 1 kettlebell certification - Toronto

April: Agatsu Joint mobility and movement certification - Toronto

May:3 Dimensional Strength and Systema Basics seminar with Steve Maxwell andMax Franz - Toronto

August: Masters of movement training week - Toronto

August: Gymnastics Ontario level 1 Foundations course

September: Mike Mahler kettlebell workshop - NYC

September: Mental Meat Heads 2 - Indianapolis

October:Gymnastics Ontario level 1 Theory and Artistic course

October: Dance trapeze - San Diego

I also went to a knee therapy yoga workshop at the convention centre but I forget the details. So far for 2014 I have the following lined up:

December: Handstand work shop with Yuri Marmerstein - Kingston

March: Masters of movement - LA

March:Dan John Seminar - Guelph

May: Steve MaxwellMobility-Conditioning Seminar - Toronto

I would also like to do my Gymnastics level 2, Agatsu joint mobility level 2, CSCS and a course somewhere with Jason C Brown.

And maybe one day I'll be holding workshops of my own but for now I just never want to stop learning!

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