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Nov 26, 2013

Growing up as a gymnast I had my fair share of injuries. I hyper extended my knee on a bar dismount and ended up with a walking stick for a few weeks, I sprained my ankle and my groin multiple times, I landed face first on the high bar and split my lip and finally I smashed and dislocated my elbow ending my days as a competitive gymnast. I don't think anyone likes injuries but I am particularly impatient and restless. If I sit still for too long I get irritated, when I can't do the things I want to do I am grumpy and, as my family can testify, when I'm injured I am not fun to be around. In recent years I have not had any major problem: I think that lots of joint mobility and a cautious workout partner have definitely contributed to this.I twisted my ankle running, sprained my groin pole dancing and got a minor knee injury doing sprints at the track. None of these took long to heal and I have a great physio (Lindsay at Toronto Physiotherapy) but I was crazy impatient and frustrated. Every training session I had to take easy was a frustration for me, each exercise I could no longer practice made me mad and if I had to skip something such as hockey I was really upset.

Two days ago I was in a fairly serious car accident and luckily both Babycat and I escaped with only a few cuts and bruises. I have a tender area on my lower left side and a less sore area on my upper right side basically following the path of my seatbelt. So on Sunday and yesterday I didn't workout. Today we had an "exploration" workout. After a long warm-up and a lot of joint mobility we tried a bunch of light exercises - push-ups, pull-ups, squats, leg raises, bridge, handstands and some simple kettlebell moves. Babycat, who was in much more pain after the accident, could do everything. For me, the only two things I could do were push ups and squats. Pull-ups were not available to me at all and kettlebell work was painful unless I made very slow controlled movements. My handstand wasn't too bad until I lost balance. So our workout was very light and I realised that it's going to be this way for at least a few more days: no kettlebell long cycle, no ring work, no flags and no gymnastics. Funny thing is I'm totally fine with that. I am not mad or irritated or pissed off. I feel the seatbelt pain and I just feel so lucky. My plan this week was to work hard on kettlebell technique, pole tricks and muscle ups but right now I am happy to be able to arrange our Christmas plant display and do basic housework. And if I still can't do fancy handstand tricks by the weekend for my workshop with Yuri Marmerstein then I'll be just as happy to go along, learn all I can and watch him teach.

Injuries suck but sometimes being injured feels like the luckiest thing in the world.

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