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Improve Your Shoulder Endurance in 30 Days Without Feeling Exhausted

Jul 25, 2020

You've started training your handstand. You warm-up your wrists, do some shoulder stretches and then about 5 minutes into your skill practice your shoulders are on fire! How are you suppose to improve if you do not have the endurance to practice?

We've all been there. In my latest video I share my formula for improving your handstand endurance and finally being able to spend more time upside down.

The most important 3 points are:

  • The intensity (or difficulty) of the exercise you use to train endurance
  • The time that you spend in the position
  • The amount of rest that you take

If you follow the steps outlined in my video (practicing twice a week) you will see significant progress in 30 days. Watch the video for more details.

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