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Getting Comfortable Upside Down

Mar 22, 2019

"Place your hands on the floor and throw your body upside down". I have never used this exact phrase but I definitely made more than a few mistakes when I first starting teaching handstands to adults. I had no idea that many adults were uncomfortable upside down. It is disorientating. It can make you dizzy. And you really have very little awareness of where your body is in space. As Sara from Agatsu says, you are 10 times more stupid upside down.

How To Get Smarter Upside Down

The simple answer is to get comfortable upside down. Push yourself slightly outside your comfort zone. Learn to move and control your body in different orientations.

If you kick up to handstand and forget to breathe, have no idea where your feet are, think you are falling when you aren't, fall when you think you are in balance, can't remember your name etc. then you have stepped too far outside your comfort zone. Before you do handstands spend some time with the following:

  • Animal movements such as bear walks
  • Rolling on the floor
  • Headstands
  • Plow pose
  • Hanging upside down from monkey bars

Progressing to a Handstand

Learning to move in different orientations trains your vestibular system and you will become better at knowing where your body is in space. When you start to feel comfortable with your butt above your head, try raising your feet on a box or wall. Breathe. Wiggle your toes. Start being aware of where different parts of your body are. In no time you'll be upside down AND in control.

Learn More

I wrote a popular article a while back about learning a handstands as an adult.

Twice a year I run a 12 week coaching group teaching you all the steps to get upside down and Master your Handstand. Check out the details here.

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