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Bodyweight Straight Arm Workout For Strength

Sep 18, 2020

For beginner bodyweight athletes I typically suggest full body workouts. These are workouts that combine leg training, core work, bent arm pushing and pulling and straight arm pushing.

For those who have been training for a while there are a number of different ways to structure your training. These are two common options:

  1. Push, Pull & Legs as 3 separate workouts
  2. Bent arm, Straight arm & Legs as 3 separate workouts

For my own training I do much better with the second split. Straight arm training includes straight arm pushing work such as handstands and planches as well as straight arm pulling work such as levers & flags. You will notice the absence of straight arm pull work from the beginner routines because these are typically more advanced movements.

Today I am sharing a straight arm & core workout that has variations suitable for all levels. Check it out in the video below.

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