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Best Routine to Improve Hamstring Mobility: Head to Toe Sequence

Jul 13, 2020

The routine that I am sharing is the exact routine that I used to achieve my head to toe. You might be saying that this position is too advanced for you. Yes, this is not the best position for beginners BUT the method and the stretches can help individuals of all levels make progress with their hamstring and calf range of motion.

Lets take a look at the protocol:

  • Step 1: Nerve flossing - I learned this from Jarlo Ilano and I believe this really unlocked this position for me.
  • Step 2: Soft tissue work - This can help relax your muscles and gives you a window of opportunity to spend time in deeper positions.
  • Step 3: The stretches - I use a simple combination of static holds and isometric contractions in this routine to help improve my range of motion.

Take a look at the video, follow along and try the movements. As always, do not move into any painful ranges and be gentle. Improving usable range of motion is about spending time and increasing strength in positions but NOT pushing your tissues beyond their capacity.

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