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Adult Gymnastics in Toronto

Jul 27, 2014

What does adult gymnastics training look like?

Gymnastics clubs are built and run for kids. Their purpose is to produce high level athletes and run recreational programs to pay the bills. Adult classes, if available, are usually low priority and run in an open gym format. Great, if you are an ex-gymnast looking to explore familiar territory but not so friendly for the beginner starting out. As a beginner it can be intimidating and overwhelming. And really do these people need the ridiculously expensive, competitive equipment to learn their cartwheel, handstand or ring muscle-up? Yes, the bouncy trampoline is fun and the high bars are cool but with the right coaching you can learn these skills in any gym or even your home with minimal equipment.

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to teach some gymnastics classes and workshops at Crossfit gyms in Toronto as supplemental work for their programs. I love coaching these classes and seeing the athletes'improvements in strength, flexibility and overall body control has been so rewarding for me. I would love to take this one step further and teach movement and strength programs that are purely bodyweight and gymnastics-based. I have scoped some locations and I am now trying to determine what the interest would be.

If you want to stand on your hands, learn tricks on the rings, impress your friends with a human flag or just move better and be stronger then send me an email and I'll keep you informed of what is in the works.

Update: I now coach beginner friendly handstand and acrobatics classes in Toronto. Check them out here.

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