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5 of the Best Press to Handstand Drills

Jul 06, 2020

The press to handstand is a challenging skill because it requires a lot of strength, good flexibility and a certain amount of skill and control. Today I want to share 5 of the best drills to help you start working on your quest for the press.

  1. Negative press: Hands down my favourite drill for building the control and skill for learning your press to handstand. Bonus is that you can get pretty strong doing this too.
  2. Inch worm: A fantastic exercise for strengthening your serratus anterior and building the pushing strength that you need for the press to handstand.
  3. Push & lean: If you want to get stronger you have to spend time under tension. This drill helps accumulate the time in positions that you eventually need to press to handstand.
  4. Elevated press: This drill helps you to get a feel for the floating feet which is key for a smooth press. In my latest video I share a great tip for this movement.
  5. Straddle slide through: This is a fairly advance mobility drill which trains your active flexibility for the press to handstand.

Check out the video below.

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