The Garage Gym Girl Ethos & Approach

Movement is fun

At the heart of what I teach is the idea that movement is fun. Learning handstands, hanging on the rings and exploring movement is play.

It will help you get stronger, more flexible and move with more control.

But most importantly it will give you the freedom to understand what your body is capable of to enjoy your daily life fully.

What makes Garage Gym Girl training different?

What separates Garage Gym Girl from other bodyweight programs is my coaching. Many of my programs (in-person classes and online coaching) include personalisation, video feedback and detailed individual cues.

Learning skills is a complex process. You can practice every day. You can train harder than anyone else. But you may not get better. To improve you have to feel what is happening. You have to develop the awareness to change how you are moving. And those things are hard. This is why coaching is key.

My coaching approach

After coaching for almost 15 years, I have the experience and knowledge to look at your movement and pinpoint the one thing that you need to focus on. Bringing your attention to that single focus will help you begin to make the changes that you need to progress.


All my programs include assessments and personalized programming based on your individual needs. I will look at your movements and make adjustments for YOU to ensure the safest and best possible progress.

Feedback & Cues

The longer I work with a student the more I can adapt to their own learning style. I understand that the same cue does not work for everyone. If something doesn’t click I try a different approach. I vary my style to match that of my students. While badly drawn stick figures work for some people, others prefer a more kinesthetic approach. I experiment, I adapt and I learn.


Technique is important, but there are no fixed rules with movement. Everyone’s goals and needs are different. There is no linear path that is the same for each of us.

There are certain aspects of a movement that will make it more difficult to progress - but there are other aspects that are simply style. I call these “signature moves”.

I understand the difference and will coach you to move well, while having the freedom to move in a way that feels right for you.


Movement brings people together. I started teaching adults as a way to connect with more of my friends. It was free and everyone was welcome.

I try to continue this community knowledge sharing with my summer Handstands in the Park events in Toronto. Everyone is welcome, there is no age restriction or skill pre-requisites. Move, learn, share what you know, eat scones and have fun!

My bodyweight classes in Toronto are my testing ground for all my ideas. I love the group of women (and occasional brave man) who turn up each week to explore, have fun, share and cheer each other on. I learn as much form them as they do from me.

I have worked hard to ensure that my online bodyweight coaching groups have this same feeling. Although people are from around the globe, we share a love of movement and together we help each other improve and grow.

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