Online Training

I work with individuals who want to improve their bodyweight strength, body awareness and mobility in order to gain physical confidence and maybe impress their friends with cool tricks! Get a freestanding handstand, a strict muscle up or simply improve your flexibility!

I offer a limited number of personal training spots where we can work together to address your specific training goal.

This is how this would work:

  1. Initial Skype call to discuss goals, restrictions and what you are looking for.
  2. Personalised program with videos and detailed instructions. These will be updated based on your feedback and progress.
  3. Video coaching and feedback.

If you’re ready to get some help in achieving your goals, fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.



Super smart woman and movement enthusiast

Kirsty’s teaching, encouragement, spirit, and movements are inspiring. She has increased my drive to challenge my perceived limitations and changes the want into the will. Her classes are well guided and intense as well as energizing and fun.

Leah G

Owner at Quantum Crossfit and world record holding power lifter

Training with Kirsty came at the right time for me. As a competitive powerlifter I was dealing with an injury that was limiting my ability to continue with my regular training so I needed a new goal.

GMB gymnastics was the perfect fit! For a long time I have wanted to develop gymnastics skills, an area I felt was missing from my training. Kirsty’s focused, attentive and just plain awesome coaching has made that a reality.  Kirsty is an incredibly patient and encouraging coach.

As someone who started out being terrified of being upside down, I now look forward to my hand balancing training sessions and have a lot more confidence in my training. I am stronger and the training has forced me to be more mindful of my movement which has had benefit inside and outside the gym. All of this has had a positive impact on my other training goals as a strength athlete. Most important for me, Kirsty keeps training fun with progressions that are in tune with my specific needs and goals as an athlete.

As a coach myself I have a ton of respect for Kirstys dedication and passion for her craft. She is always learning and honing her own skill which translates into her work with clients. I have had a blast working with her and am excited to see what goals I can reach in the future.