About Kirsty Grosart

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My Story

I grew up as a competitive gymnast but after an injury at 19, I was told that I would never do handstands again. Through my twenties I took up other sports and exercise to stay in shape.

For years I was a member of a small independent gym and I loved every minute of it. They had machines, weights, cardio equipment and an amazing team of staff (I still miss them).

So why did I leave?

Because everything I needed was in my garage. I had a few mats, a homemade pull-up bar and a set of rings. I fell in love with bodyweight exercise and exploring new ways to move. I became stronger and happier than I had ever been.

Performing cool moves, getting stronger & mastering new skills makes me a better person outside the gym.


Because it makes me feel strong and powerful!

My mission is to help people gain a deep understanding of their body, develop strength & skills to feel alive and empowered.